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  • Automatic Brew Group
    •  The Shaerer Siena 2 incorporates the same brew unit like the largerSchaerer Commercial Models the Ambiente and Celebration. The brew chamber capacity is an incredible 18 grams allowing the brew group to brew 2 cups in a single brewing cycle.
  • Adjustable Grinder
    • The adjustable coffee grinder is made of hardened alloy and ensures guaranteed performance throughout the life of the Siena. The low revolution grinder will not only limit the noise emission but also limit the production of dust particles.
  • Single Step Cappuccino
    • The Siena 2 is the only machine in its price class that can dispense foam and espresso simultaneously. The Siena Single Step Cappuccino Solution is truly the most advanced technology and can be programmed to dispense milk first and then espresso or espresso first and then milk or simultaneous espresso and milk together.
  • Double Products
    • Thanks to the 18g brew group, 2 products can be dispensed in a single brewing cycle. Just push the double button followed by any product button and the Siena will automatically dispense 2 products.
  • Cup Warmer
    • Place the cups on the cup warmer platform to ensure the cups are warm whenever needed.
  • Deluxe Bean Hopper
    • The oval transparent bean hopper extension comes standard.

More information about this product can be found HERE.

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