Espresso machines and coffee machines in Ottawa, Gatineau, and Eastern Ontario.


  • Active bean monitoring
    • Active bean monitoring puts an end to problems with grinders running empty. The filling level of the bean container is continuously monitored optically
  • One touch cappuccino
    • The IMPRESSA S9 Classic will thrill you with cappuccino or latte macchiato prepared at the touch of a button, without you having to move the cup
  • Coffee à la carte
    • The IMPRESSA S9 Classic flatters the palate with coffee à la carte in all conceivable variations
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout
    • Depending on whether you would like to enjoy a ristretto in a small cup or a latte macchiato in a glass, you can adjust the coffee spout from 66 to 146 mm (2.6 and 5.75 inch)

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